Artist impression of Central Park


Parks are an indispensable part of urban life, so much so that they can become a defining aspect of a place’s character. This is why Washington Park is not just surrounded by parks, but it is also wholly inspired by them, right down to the tiniest details, creating homes that are entirely in sync with their environment.

The 11 parks around Washington Park collectively cover an impressive 260 acres, and provide numerous amenities such as barbecue facilities, children’s playgrounds, bicycle paths and several sports fields. One particularly distinctive feature of the parklands that make the area very special is the Salt Pan Creek Wetlands – a nature reserve right in your own backyard. Featuring 12 acres of wonderfully scenic surroundings, these wetlands are home to many native fauna, including birds, fish and turtles, and it only gets richer by the day. Where else could you simply disappear into nature, less than 30 minutes from the CBD?