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We are Social.

A sense of community  and belonging lie at the heart of Washington Park. Washington Park has drawn heavily on the whole team’s past experience in creating harmonious, happy communities and have worked out the best possible way to inject life, vitality and support into the area. The idea is to encourage residents to be connected, get involved and have a say in future endeavours for the long-term benefit of everyone who lives here. Washington Park’s developer, Pace,  already host outdoor movies in the Salt Pan Creek Wetlands and have a proposed calendar of eclectic outdoor music events. Free Tai Chi classes are also available.

PAYCE also believe it’s vitally important to get behind the local Riverwood Public School and encourage the community to do the same. By partnering with them on mentoring programmes and initiatives such as Mathletics it gives local kids the best possible start in life. PAYCE are equally supportive of children’s sporting ambitions and are initiating a youth development program for cricket. The program will probably be extended to other codes such as rugby league and soccer.