Seasonal Interiors.

Internationally renowned designer Koichi Takada  has taken inspiration from nature and the changing colours of the seasons to create interiors that are both beautiful and functional. Koichi’s unique creative vision contributed towards East Village and Platinum becoming two of the most highly desired and successful new apartment offerings of recent years and Washington Park is no exception.

Intuitively marrying elegant design with durability and practicality, he has managed to create opulent and comfortable apartment interiors. Reconstituted stone bench tops are easy to maintain and high grade loop carpet is exceptionally hard-wearing.

Kitchen counters feature a drop-down bench, with the idea of maintaining a family atmosphere by connecting the kitchen and living space. Special LED lighting has been integrated into the kitchen splash-back to create a soft glow, which is great for entertaining. We know that storage is a priority so plenty is on offer, such as dedicated linen closets and full-height pantries in kitchens.