Brian Boyd - Managing Director of PAYCE Consolidated Limited talks about PAYCE`s involvement in the Washington Park and the Riverwood North Urban Renewal Projects in Sydney`s CBD.

Premier Architecturally designed Private and Public Housing

This is a new direction in planned community development - where there is no divide between Public housing and Private housing. Washington Park is a fine example of the new communities that can be built around partnerships with the Government of NSW and stands as a benchmark of modern urban renewal - this is a very special development - observered Mr Brian Boyd managing director of PAYCE Consolidated Limited.

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Public and Private Housing Partnerships in NSW

Mr Brian Boyd said the public housing partnership with NSW Land and Housing Corporation will set a new new benchmark for public housing in Australia.

It includes 150 social housing units and 500 private units.

Architecturally designed public housing

"There is no divide between public and private housing – the social housing units are architecturally designed with the same high standard as the private units," Mr Boyd said.

The Riverwood North Urban Renewal Project brings together the very best aspects of social infrastructure in a green belt area of over 260 acres with riverfront access. The social and private dwellings are derived from the same level of architect drawings with an emphasis on public spaces, green streetscapes and parklands. A Community Centre and Indoor Sports facility will be a highlight of the public areas for residents. Less than 25 minutes from the Sydney CBD, Riverwood delivers affordable housing in one of the city`s most beautiful locations.

Washington Park and the Riverwood North Urban Renewal Project

PAYCE Consolidated Limited Managing Director Brian Boyd has been in the property development industry for 35 years, with successful developments dotted around Sydney.

They are all special in their own way, but the Riverwood North Urban Renewal has a special place in the company history.

Community renewal projects Sydney

Mr Boyd said the Riverwood Housing Estate – which was built in the 1960s and 1970s – does not meet the needs of social housing clients.

He said the site`s uses included as a wartime hospital for the US Army during World War Two and then later as a migrant transition centre.

Mr Boyd said the social housing units are nearing completion and there is strong interest in the private apartments.

Community renewal Sydney

"With great open spaces and community facilities like retail and the library complex this project is the envy of public housing clients in Sydney," Mr Boyd said.

PAYCE and the NSW Government have taken the ideal of public housing to a new level with the Riverwood North development project. The project is based upon the positive use of green spaces, being an integral component of urban life. In fact, the whole development is inspired by access to open spaces and this is mirrored in many aspects of the project. Bicycle paths, barbeque areas, children`s playgrounds and several sporting fields are immediately accessible to all residents. Coupled with the green credentials of the project, Riverwood North and the Washington Park precinct are adjacent to the Salt Pan Creek Wetlands. Salt Pan Creek Wetlands is home to many native fauna, including birds, fish and turtles. This a truly natural landscape on the edge of one of Australia`s premier cities.

State government housing for Community and Commercial Renewal in Sydney

Mr Boyd said the NSW Government was to be congratulated on its foresight in redeveloping the site – it is a great example of what can be achieved in community housing projects in Sydney.

"I think is also a great example of how the private and public sector can work together to achieve benefit for people who really deserve it.

Affordable public housing NSW

"This is a proud community and now they have an affordable housing complex of which to be very proud." - Mr Brian Boyd observed

The properties for sale start at a price of $295,000, being an exceptional price-point for a development of this nature. Close to the city yet steeped in the natural environment with sustainable features, the Washington Park project is a new suburb bursting with potential. Put simply, Washington Park is Sydney`s most affordable new suburb in an incredible natural environment.

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